Whisk Conducts 7-Course Musical Meal with Ezra Platt

Jazz guitarist and composer pairs with pop-up restaurant for culinary concert

Have you ever had a meal so good that you just wanted to do a little dance? On July 12, Whisk, a pop-up restaurant in Jamaica Plain, Mass., is having a shindig encouraging you to do just that, without the risk of eliciting any confused stares.

The pop-up by chef partners Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta is hosting a special collaborative event with jazz guitarist and composer Ezra Platt, in which an original jazz composition will accompany each dish of a five-course meal. Kind of like those exciting, music-coordinated fireworks shows, but with food.

The restaurant, currently operating out of Fazenda Coffee Roasters, is already known for its quirky approach to serving locally grown food, orchestrating past events ranging from "seven courses and seven continents," to seven courses of chocolate. The owners of this "menu-less theater" eatery are musicians themselves, and had long toyed with the idea of combining music and food.

"We’ve been imagining the best way to enhance our novel food creations with music," Kean said in a press statement this morning.

The trio, seeing that "both musical composition and food composition are creative, tactile, and [only] come fully to life…through the interaction with an audience," hopes the combination will inspire audience feedback to help them "evolve the model," said Platt.

Kruta says the chefs will "use the individual dishes and jazz compositions to illuminate simplicity and complexity, and then end in simplicity as if it’s the circle of one’s life." Deep stuff — stimulating dinner discussion is sure to ensue. 

For more info and to reserve your spot at this one-of-a-kind sensory symphony check out the website.