Which Celebrity Chefs Are Winning 2013 (So Far?)

A look at five chefs who are turning it around, or on the rise

René Redzepi, Paula Deen, and other chefs to watch this 2013.

We understand it’s only halfway through the year, but honestly, January to June has seemed like a pretty long time. So we’ve reached back into our archives to recap everything that’s happened this year, starting with the world of celebrity chefs.

If you may recall, chefs and personalities like Paula Deen, Martha Stewart, and Gordon Ramsay all had a pretty terrible 2012, what with news of diabetes, lawsuits, magazines closings, and more. And while folks like Anthony Bourdain had some major wins in 2012, 2013 is a whole new ballgame (and in Bourdain’s case, an entirely new network).


So here are five celebrity chefs (or just plain chefs) who have made it in the news in the past six months. Whether they’re cleaning up their act, turning the year around, making a few (or way too many) mistakes, or simply starting to grow their own tier of celebrity chefdom, we’ve rounded up the biggest players of 2013 so far.