Which Breed Is Best For You? Dog Decision Depends On Where You Live

Dogs love the Bay Area and the Bay Area loves dogs, but not every breed is perfect for every city. No matter what breed you pick, well cared-for dogs make simply make life better, but if you're considering a dog, though, what breed might best thrive where you live? We asked the Humane Society Silicon Valley to help us match the town to the Terrier or the 'burb to the boxer, the location to the Labradoodle, the county to the Collie... okay, enough with the dog breed puns. Here's what Nichole Boudreau, Director of Customer Relations at Humane Society Silicon Valley came up with.

San Jose:
Pit bulls make excellent suburban dogs for residents of the South Bay, and there is no shortage of these awesome dogs needing homes in Santa Clara County. These loyal and fun-loving dogs enjoy weekend hikes at St. Joseph's Hill or Santa Teresa County Park where they're sure to greet every stranger as if they're a long, lost friend. After your hike be sure to take a stroll through dog-friendly Los Gatos and have lunch with your pitty pal. Not up for adventure? That's OK! Adopt an older pit bull who would love to accompany you on neighborhood walks around Willow Glen or the Rose Garden. You'll get to know your neighbors when you've got an infamous "pibble" smile at your side.

San Francisco:
French Bulldogs are perfect for the apartment dweller who loves a part-time party-animal. Happy to sleep the day away after a morning walk, these bat-eared canines are content with less cardio than their Bostonian counterparts, but are easily roused when enticed with fun. Generally good with other dogs and super people-friendly, these little "snort machines" are great for accompanying their owner to dog-friendly dinner parties or get-togethers at the beach.

Smart, down to earth and fun loving Berkeley residents will love the same traits in their Golden Retriever. This moderately active breed will have a blast running off-leash at any of the dog-friendly East Bay parks just waiting to be explored. Lots of Golden's love water too so be sure to plan a day at Point Isabel where man's best friend can get down and dirty, then enjoy a day at the spa and lunch for you at Mudpuppy's Tub & Scrub and the Sit & Stay Café.

Mountain View:
Techies need love too! Don't let long hours at the office stop you from having a canine companion, where there's a will there's a way! Chihuahuas are great for residents and workers in Mountain View, especially if you work for a dog-friendly company. Chihuahuas are smart little cookies and will fit right in with the big brains in the boardroom, plus they're generally very dog-friendly. If you can't take your chi to work with you look into doggie daycare, a dog walker, or "dog share" with a friend.

Often referred to as the "Horsey Set", Woodside residents LOVE their animals! And what better animal to accompany you to horse shows and on trail rides than the lovable, loyal and low-key Shetland Sheep Dog or Sheltie for short. This quiet yet fiercely intelligent dog loves their people and to be out and about enjoying life. Generally good with kids this dog is excellent for families who live an active lifestyle.

You can reach them at: HSSV.org