Which Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Reigns Supreme? You Tell Us!

Is your favorite pictured above? Tell us about the Ben and Jerry's flavor you always love to buy!

Ahhhhh. Think about that satisfying feeling of digging into a fresh carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Whether you’re sharing with friends, going at it alone after a particularly rough breakup, or noshing on your favorite flavor for a movie night, there’s a reason why Ben and Jerry’s is one of the most popular ice cream companies of all time, and everyone has a favorite.

The Daily Meal is trying to do something that has never been accomplished before: we are trying to rank the Ben and Jerry’s 42 original ice cream flavors and we need your help. We’ve compiled a simple survey to determine which flavor reigns supreme. Will it be the super-sweet, marshmallow and chocolate fish swirl of Phish Food? Will it be the classic cherry and vanilla combination of Cherry Garcia? Or maybe the new Ben and Jerry’s core flavors, featuring two ice cream halves with a core flavor center released in stores a few months ago have already won over a loyal fan base.

YOU TELL US: What's the best Ben and Jerry's flavor? And which Ben and Jerry's discontinued flavors would you bring back?

Help us out by clicking on the survey and voting for your top five Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors, as well as your overall favorite, and least favorite. For an extra bonus, we will also be ranking the dearly beloved flavors like Oatmeal Cookie Chunk and Dave Matthews’ Band Magic that are no longer in production and have passed on to the great creamery in the sky.

The Daily Meal has also compiled a Culinary Content Network of food bloggers, experts and of course, ice cream lovers. So get in on the action, and crown the worthiest pint!

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi