Which Airline Serves The Best Wine?

The cache of flying these days is all but gone. Security lines, extra baggage fees and a lack of legroom have sucked the fun right out of most trips. By the time you're in the air, chances are, you'll need a glass of wine. We've tapped some major U.S. airlines to see what's being served on domestic economy flights for your sipping pleasure.

Some of the airline wines are available for retail sale, and we've listed a few, along with the approximate retail price, noted after each wine. If you like what you drink onboard, you can order it when you arrive at your destination!

Beware of vintage variations, as the airlines often change up what they are serving. In case none of these options tickle your fancy, be sure to stock up on samplers from TastingRoom.com. They have incredible wine options and the 3-ounce mini bottles make getting through security a breeze. Here's to tasty traveling!


United (Onboard Price: $7)

*Enjoy a $2 discount with Chase Continental or United credit/debit card

• Redtree Chardonnay 2008 (North Coast, Calif.) $8

• Sol Casal Tempranillo NV (Spain) $7


American Airlines (Onboard Price: $7)

• Salmon Creek Brut NV (California) $9

• Coastal Ridge Chardonnay 2009 (California) $14

• Hayes Ranch Sauvignon Blanc 2007 (North Coast, Calif.) $10


Delta (Onboard Price: $7)

• Wente Chardonnay 2009 (Monterey, Calif.) $20

• Wente Merlot 2009 (Monterey, Calif.) $11


Virgin America (Onboard Price: $7)

• Karma Sparkling Wine NV (Central Valley, Calif.) $4

• House White 375 ml by Wente Vineyards (Livermore, Calif.)

• House Red 375 ml by Wente Vineyards (Livermore, Calif.)

• Hayes Ranch Merlot (Livermore, Calif.) $11