Where Your Favorite Cocktails Come From

Traveling the world to enjoy cocktails where they each began

While almost all cocktails have attained a ubiquitousness that shrouds their origins in mysteries, as do the myriad derivatives being passed off as said cocktail — chocolate Martini, uh huh — the truth remains that all cocktails great and small had their origin somewhere. With summer in full swing, now is the time to plan a road trip tracking down the origins of five iconic drinks!

Yes, it may be odd to plan a road trip, especially one that requires flying and circuitous travel to restricted lands, in order to drink a drink that one could, well, drink anywhere, but that is not the point. You don't travel to baseball stadiums around the country because the games are better, though as a Mets fan I might in fact be the exception to that rule. No, you travel for the experiences travel affords you. For example a Sazerac in the heat of a New Orleans summer is something other than just another Sazerac. It is that Sazerac wrapped up in the ambiance of its birth, and it just might be the finest Sazerac one will ever experience even if it turns out that it's not actually the best Sazerac around!

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Greogory Dal Piaz, Snooth