Where You Eat Matters

Staff Writer
Plopping down in front of the television can increase food consumption and health issues, but how can you combat this?

Research shows that eating in front of the TV might not be a smart idea.

With hectic daily schedules, it can often be difficult to make a complete meal and sit down at a table and enjoy it. It’s much easier to grab something quick, and probably not fresh and healthy, and sit down in pajamas in front of the television to eat.

According to The Guardian, research shows that this habit can be deadly, and where we eat our meals truly does matter. Tons of research points to the fact that eating in front of the TV and while driving leads to weight gain and greater food consumption later in the day. Such habits encourage eating without thinking instead of sitting down and truly enjoying a meal undistracted.

What’s happening around us also impacts the rate at which we eat. According to The Guardian, Professor Charles Spence, experimental psychologist at Oxford University, says that “the faster the music and brighter the lights the quicker you eat, while the more relaxed the ambiance, the slower you eat.” This explains why at times, we stuff our face without even thinking about what we’re eating due to the environment we’re in.

Even if you’re grabbing something quick to eat, you can decrease over-eating later on by focusing on the meal at hand so that you can recall it as being satisfying, says Dr. Eric Robinson from the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society at Liverpool University.

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Next time, we’ll think twice about the burrito in front of the TV after work.