Travel Photo of the Week

Guess which meat this is and what country it's from

Can you guess what this meat is and which country serves it?

How well do you know food when you see it? Could you recognize South African bunny chow or English spotted dick if you saw it? Do you know a secret restaurant when you see one?

The Daily Meal loves to photograph food, and we’re posting a travel photo of the week for you.  Sometimes we’ll show a photograph of a restaurant or a resort or a food truck, and you have to tell us what and where it is. Sometimes we’ll show you a food from around the world and ask you to guess what it is.

Take a good look at this week’s travel photo. Do you think you know what this is and in which country it is usually served? Are you sure? It’s obviously sushi, but what kind? A hint: It’s not fatty tuna even though it sort of resembles it.

Put your guesses for where these bites come from in the comments below or on Facebook, and check back for the big reveal.

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