Where in the World Are… These Guilty Pleasures From?

Think you can guess where this week’s travel photo comes from?

Guess Where?

This week’s travel photo comes from a very warm place on our own shores. They’re served late at night on the street to passersby (read: folks stumbling out of nightclubs). And while mouthwateringly delicious, they make everyone who eats them feel guilt-ridden come morning. Put your guesses in the comments below or on Facebook, and check back next Friday for the big reveal.

We’re also ready to reveal last week’s mystery photo… These sweet, powdered candies come from the street markets in Istanbul! (Many of you were right on the money.)


Think you have a great travel food photo that could stump us all? Upload it to Flickr (and tag us at The Daily Meal) and if it’s really tough, we’ll post it in a story like this one. 

(Photo courtesy of Flickr/Angie安姬)