5 of New York's Great Bar Scenes

Top places to fight for a seat at the bar, rather than a table
Hotel Griffou's bar
Hotel Griffou

Hotel Griffou's bar

Sitting at the bar can add a whole new dimension to dining out — chatting with the bartender and fellow bar-diners can mean getting tips on what to order, where else to go in the neighborhood, and can even mean a taste test of a few libations. Especially when getting a table is tough, eating at the bar gives you the chance to try out that new place without toughing out the two-hour wait. We asked some of our most in-the-know New Yorkers for their favorite bar scenes and they came up with the following spots.



Location: Soho

Cuisine: French

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr/monicamüller)


El Quinto Pino

Location: Chelsea

Cuisine: Spanish/Tapas

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Blind Tiger Ale House

Location: West Village

Cuisine: Gastropub

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Hotel Griffou

Location: West Village

Cuisine: Seasonal American/Portuguese

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Dram Shop Bar

Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Cuisine: Tex-Mex/Gastropub

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