Where Is the Manliest Restaurant in America? (Updated)

Men's Health says Pittsburgh has the manliest restaurant in the country

Tomorrow, the December issue of Men's Health drops to tell us which restaurants are the manliest in the country. The regional finalists were announced back in September, but Grub Street reports Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros. won the manliest title.

Famous for sandwiches topped with french fries, tomatoes, and cole slaw, Men's Health chose the Pittsburgh staple because, "You order your sandwich with the side dishes stuffed inside it, so you can perform some sort of manual labor with your right hand and eat with your left."

Check out the regional winners here, and expect more manly food from the Men's Health / Travel Channel joint program Food Paradise: America’s Manliest Restaurants, airing November 30.

Update: Here's a statement from Primanti Bros: "Primanti’s is proud and humbled by the honorable award of America’s Manliest Restaurant by the readers of Men’s Health magazine. It is a recognition that challenges us to live up to this expectation."

And here's what they say about their sandwich: "It's a simple two-step process: You pick it up. You eat it. Makes you want a third hand to hold your beer. Modern men might point out that it does include all of the food groups." Perhaps not according to Harvard's MyPlate, but sure.

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