Where to Get elBulli Next

Apparently, Ferran Adrià is teaming up with former pupil Grant Achatz
Grant Achatz
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Grant Achatz

Those who missed out on one of the most-hyped restaurants in the world can now get a taste in Chicago at Next.

Starting January, Ferran Adrià's former student Grant Achatz will serve a 20-course recreation of the last 20 years of elBulli. Achatz’s cocktail bar, Aviary, will also serve elBulli drinks and bar snacks, and perhaps on El Bulli silverware. "Exactly like a cover band," Achatz says.

Chicago Tribune has a great Q&A with the legend, Adrià, and his former student. Our favorite part is when Adrià reacts to fast-food staff dinners.

Q: Don't you ever feel like, 'Let's put away the test tubes tonight and just order pizza for the staff'?
Achatz: We did it at Alinea yesterday. We ordered Potbelly.
Adria: 'Potbelly'?
Achatz: A sandwich company.
Adria: At El Bulli, we don't have anything nearby. We're in the middle of nowhere. But one of the things that was standard was having certain sauces prepared and frozen. So you could always quickly prepare a Bolognese.”

In other words: This Potbelly thing would never happen at elBulli.

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