Where to Find S’mores on the Las Vegas Strip

The campfire classic is catching ground in swanky restaurants

Tender Steak & Seafood's interpretation includes a warm, oozing brownie.

Remember when you were young and loved anything with melted chocolate? If you think back, most likely the first thing you cooked all by yourself yourself were s’mores. Golden brown marshmallows, heavenly rich, melted chocolate all in one messy, decadent bite was pure heaven in your mouth. Now you can relive those tasty days in where else but the gastronomic epicenter of Las Vegas.

One stop on your s’mores scavenger hunt is the The Pub at Monte Carlo Resort. Well known for its wide craft beer selection, The Pub brings all the ingredients for s’mores right to the table, complete with a flaming hot pot and skewers so you may take great delight in roasting house-made marshmallows to personalized perfectionS’mores chefs can choose from lemon, cinnamon-sugar or white crème marshmallows that are served with Hershey’s chocolate and sweet graham crackers.  

 Further down the iconic Las Vegas Strip, visit Tender Steak & Seafood at the Luxor Resort. This steakhouse features the ‘Campfire More Than S’more’ platter, which features fire-roasted homemade marshmallows served on a warm chocolate brownie, on a graham cracker cookie.

Who doesn’t enjoy the very French classic crème brûlée? Those with a love of classic French deserts will appreciate the s’mores craze at Red Square at Mandalay Bay Resort with the ‘S’mores Brûlée,’ which includes chocolate and whipped marshmallow fluff accented by a freshly made graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate s’mores.

If you prefer to eat your s’mores in milkshake form, the Mother Fluffer milkshake from BLT Burger at Mandalay Bay Resort is for you.  This one-of-a-kind creamy wonder is made with a rich and creamy blend of vanilla ice cream topped with a sweetly toasted marshmallow.

Las Vegas is at the cutting edge of culinary world with its wide array of culinary all-stars pushing the industry to its limits with eye opening creations from a stable of all-star chefs. In addition, an old family favorite like s’mores has found its place as well in a variety of forms in this city of epicurean delights.