Where to Find the Best Chinese-Inspired Cocktails in Vancouver

Pacific-Rim inspired cocktails

Van City is known for a lot of things, but foodies and cocktail connoisseurs love it for its unique twist on the cocktail scene. With so many Chinese and Pacific Rim restaurants throughout Vancouver, it's no secret that the you'll find unique, Chinese-inspired cocktails there, too. Here's where to go to find the best Chinese-inspired cocktails (and the food's not that bad, either): 

The Keefer Bar

This is where a speakeasy bar brings in the best Chinese Apothecary vibe, shares writer Alyssa Schwartz. Located in the Chinatown neighborhood, the Keefer Bar offers a classic cocktail menu with a Pacific twist. Try the Kalamansi Chili Sour, made with bourbon, Kalamansi chili simple syrup, lemon and egg white, or the Siamese Slipper, with gin, honeydew melon, green tea, dried kiwi and apple, absinthe, and lime. 

Bao Bei

This Chinese brasserie has a cocktail menu unlike any other: chrysanthemum-infused tequila? Chinese plum bitters? Lemongrass-infused shochu? Only a few of the amazing infusions you'll find on the list. Not a cocktail person? You'll be plenty happy with the internationally spanning craft beer, cider, and wine list. (And you might even like the food, too.)

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

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