Where To Eat Sushi In Chicago

There's something about sushi that just exudes elegance. Even when you're popping the plastic lid off the Whole Foods boxed set, you can't help but feel like your lunch just got more refined. Spend a little more at some of the top sushi places in town, and the raw cuisine is taken to a whole new level. If you need a break from heavier dishes and are craving something fresh, try out some of these sushi spots around Chicago.

Arami – This Ukrainian Village gem hides behind an unassuming façade. Inside, however, the food is anything but dull. The zen-like atmosphere brings the fish into focus. Special dishes like the uni shooter make the most of the incredible flavors and textures their seafood has to offer.

Juno – This refined restaurant opened in Lincoln Park only three months ago, but it has already made an impression. The sushi is curated by B.K. Park, formerly of Arami. Artful presentation combines with surprising touches to make Juno's sushi an experience on its own. The smoked sashimi offers a particularly interesting take on the traditional.

Masaki – Subtly hidden around the John Hancock building, Masaki brings the essence of fine Japanese dining to the Gold Coast. Masaki focuses on omakase-style tasting menus. Each dish aims to stimulate the eyes as much as the tongue, embracing the all-encompassing Japanese aesthetic.

Kai Zan – A favorite in the Humboldt Park area, Kai Zan really delivers a personal experience. Customers can share their preferences at the beginning of the meal and enjoy a personalized sushi meal. The menu features intriguing and flavorful combinations, such as the Orange Rush with salmon, scallop, and a citrus glaze.

Coast Sushi – Coast is a more accessible option than some of the above, but no less exciting when it comes to the goods. Signature maki rolls include the Sunrise, with ginger seared tuna, mint and mango, and the Smoking Pumpkin, featuring tempura pumpkin topped with salmon and mayo. It's very vegetarian friendly as well, making it a crowd favorite.