When Is Passover 2015?

The Passover meal is a special time in every Jewish household. It is the time of year when loved ones gather around the table to join in a Seder meal that is full of rituals, prayers and delicious Passover recipes.

Commemorating the story of Exodus, this holiday lasts a week long as a way to honor and revere their ancestors, which they do by adhering to dietary restrictions as sign of sacrifice. Of course there is plenty of wine passed around and an abundance of storytelling and overall joy. Who needs leavened bread to have a good time?

Though full of ritualistic tradition, Passover changes every year. The Jewish calendar follows the creationist belief that God made the "evening and the morning" the first day, meaning it cycles with the moon. As lunar cycles change, so does the Jewish calendar.

This year Passover begins on April 3 and ends on April 11

Keeping track of the holidays is hard enough without them jumping all over the calendar! To help you prepare for this holiday, we can help you do everything from creating a delicious Passover meal with great recipes and design tips. Plus we can help you prepare for the next few years by letting you know the dates of Passover for years to come!

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