When Is Halloween 2020?

There are so many terrifying things about Halloween; from the eerie Halloween decorations that cover the neighborhood, to the frightening tricks pranksters play on trick-or-treaters, a little fear is all part of the fun. What quickly becomes un-fun is when a holiday sneaks up on you and you find yourself unprepared for the celebrations ahead. Especially when it comes to Halloween.

We know what you're thinking, but don't worry; unlike some of its holiday relatives like Thanksgiving and Memorial Day, Halloween does occur on the same date, October 31, every year. The origins of Halloween are rooted in the Celtic festival of the dead, called Samhain. They celebrated their new year on November 1, which marked the end of the summer and the harvest season. The evening before, it was believed that spirits returned to earth to cause trouble and damage crops. Celtics would don costumes to scare the creatures of the night away and carve jack-o'-lanterns for lining a lighted path to guide spirits home. When Halloween came to America, thanks in part to Irish immigrants, it evolved into costume play and trick-or-treating fun.

If you already know the date, knowing which day of the week Halloween ends up falling on can help you plan out your trick-or-treat route or your annual Halloween party more effectively. This year, Halloween falls on:

Saturday, October 31, 2020