When Is Father's Day 2020?

Father's Day is the one time of year we really stop to appreciate dear old dad. While today we like to give dad great gifts that make him smile and barbecue a great meal for him, dad wasn't always appreciative of this.

Many fathers didn't believe in celebrating Father's Day back in the day, as hey felt that it wasn't a "manly" gesture to shower fathers with presents "likely" bought with his own money, and felt that Father's Day was another commercializing holiday scam used to push products. It took President Nixon re-election campaign to get an official proclamation signed in 1972 to recognize this day as a federal holiday.

And much like Mother's Day, this national holiday changes dates each year. So you definitely don't miss this important paternal holiday, we found out when Father's Day was happening for the next few years to come.

This year, Father's Day falls on: 

June 21, 2020