What Your Favorite Beer Says About You

Heineken: You could be married to someone who works at Sterling Cooper

What's your favorite?


You have unironically employed the term “bro,” and you are generally of the opinion that shoes are optional. You kind of actually enjoy the smell of skunks but don’t tend to share that information because it sounds kind of weird. You actually do make the party more fun. You have played disc golf before.


You spent a semester abroad. You pretend to have read more books than you actually have, but those that you have read, you can actually discuss in detail. You are not in favor of irony. Grammar errors irk you. Red meat is your favorite protein source even though you’re trying to eat less of it.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Your vinyl collection is growing steadily but it’s not where you’d like it to be. You only half regret that fine arts degree, but you fully regret the moustache tattoo. You’re genuinely encyclopedic about one esoteric area of knowledge… maybe two.

Magic Hat

You don’t like telling people what kind of music you listen to and instead tell them that you listen to a little bit of everything. Vermont is your favorite place in the whole world. You have owned a pack of Tarot cards at some point in your life.


You’re only drinking beer until you figure out who at the party is smoking. If you’re a woman, you wear interesting jewelry that you might make yourself. You firmly believe that there is no sport but football.




You have simply exquisite taste.