What You Need To Throw The Best 'Game Of Thrones' Party Slideshow


Proper décor is necessary if you want to throw the best Game of Thrones party. Buy the banners of each kingdom and hang them on the walls by your entrance. When your guests walk in, they'll notice them and feel the spirit and effort you put into the party. You can order the banners online here at the HBO Store.

Meaty Menu

Serve huge chunks of meat off the bone and embrace eating it without silverware. You should offer other food as well, but this meat entrée is a must. While it may be messy, sometimes sloppy can be fun. Since the characters on the show occasionally use silverware, have some utensils available to give out once people get tired of eating with their hands. Just remember to stock up on napkins! 


Put an important emphasis on the dress code. Have everyone dress up as different characters from the show. Just confirm no one comes naked — sure, it's hot when Khaleesi appears nude after she hatches the dragons at the end of season one, but we're trying to keep this party a bit more PG. We'd definitely dress up as Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of the Andals and the First.

Ice Luge

The Wall and the Night's Watch play a crucial role in the show, as together they protect the seven kingdoms from the wildlings. Buy an ice luge and nickname it "The Wall." Have people try to recite the vow of the Sworn Brothers, and whoever does so correctly can be named the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. 


For all those not brave enough to drink from "The Wall," don't fret. You can supply Game of Thrones-themed shot glasses from the HBO Store. Besides, only one person can drink from an ice luge at a time, so shot glasses will be a great way for your guests to drink together.


A Must

You cannot throw a Game of Thrones party without stocking up on lots of wine without a doubt, many of the characters on the show are alcoholics. No, were not suggesting thats a good thing, but it would be improper to host a sober viewing party.

Sword Fighting

The show would be far less gruesome and not nearly as entertaining without its many sword fights. After eating, hold a duel to crown the master sword-fighter of your friends. Although we believe in always trying to stay authentic, for this activity it's best to stick with plastic swords. 

Festive Favors

Make sure to pin each guest with this Littlefinger Mockingbird pin before they leave. The three-eyed raven appears in young Bran Stark's dreams and helps guide him out of his coma. This good luck charm from the HBO Store will make for a great party favor.