What is Xinjiang Cuisine?

Xinjiang cuisine is a popular cuisine in China
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Xinjiang cuisine is reflective of the many ethnic groups in the Xinjiang region of China.

Xinjiang cuisine is a type of cuisine that is found throughout much of China, as many migrants from the Xinjiang region are setting up Xinjiang restaurants and food stands throughout other regions of the country.

The cooking styles of Xinjiang cuisine are representative of many of the ethnic groups living in the Xinjiang region of China, in particular that of the Uyghurs. Uyghurs are China’s second largest Muslim population.

Roasted mutton and rice and fish are two of the most common dishes in Xinjiang cuisine. There are many lamb and mutton dishes in Xinjiang cuisine given the region’s abundance of the animals. Additionally, due to its Muslim population, much of the food in Xinjiang cuisine is halal.

Other common dishes in Xinjiang cuisine include crispy sheep leg, roasted mutton chops, beet soup, almond crackers, garlic mutton, mutton, and pilau rice.

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Though Xinjiang cuisine is not among the eight traditional cuisines in China, it is still a very popular cuisine.