What Would Happen If Guy Fieri Opened in Brooklyn?

It would be 'factory farm to table' and probably have a nacho cheese foie gras

Remember when Brooklyn hipsters were trekking out to Guy Fieri's mecca in Times Square to nosh on his Dragon Chili Fries ironically? Well, Late Night Basement wondered what would happen if Fieri expanded his empire to hipster-ville Williamsburg, and decided to take it to the streets, interviewing Brooklynites on the street about the "news."

The reactions are fairly predictable. There's one bearded guy excited to see the catastrophe ("It's going to be terrible, I can't wait."), another guy who espouses the anti-corporate sentiments expected of the crowd ("I'm not really into the whole [expletive] overcommercialized celebrity chefdom"), and another who threatens bodily harm ("I will single-handedly strangle him if he ever tries to do that in this area.")

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Others are a bit more diplomatic, while another girl comes up with a genius business plan: "Take anything that Guy Fieri does, open it at midnight, and have it close at 8 o'clock in the morning, and that's a winner." On the bright side: nacho cheese foie gras? Yeah, we're kind of into that, too.