What We’re Loving: Nerdy Halloween Gear

We found 3 great nerd-approved Halloween products that the geek in your life will love

Nerdy Halloween gear that is perfect for the geek in your life.

There are tons of "geeks" out there in this great wide world. You could be a beer-geek obsessed with finding and consuming the best brews. You could be a food nerd who knows the exact origin story of Cronuts. You can geek out over just about anything, but when your loves combine into a mecca of nerdy awesomeness, that is something worth celebrating.

If you happen to be a horror movie fan who loves all things food, boy have we found some great stuff for you! Through Halloween Comic Fest, taking place Oct. 26 and 27, we found some great Halloween gift ideas for the ultimate "nerd" in your life. From amazing character mugs to awesome bottle openers, there is something for every type of fan.

Don’t Fall Asleep
Especially at the stove! This Freddy Kruger killer apron will make any Nightmare on Elm Street fan absolutely eager to get back into the kitchen to work on some great Halloween treats!

Unlucky Glasses
For a Friday the 13th fan, these scary pint glasses will make an excellent party accessory for your next Halloween party.

'Walking Dead' Bottle Opener
Who knew a zombie would ever be useful? The Walking Dead fans everywhere will absolutely be psyched to keep this

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