What We’re Loving: Fabipop’s Personalized Pops

If you ever have the urge to take a bite out of a celebrity's’ face, we found the cake pop for you

Celebrity look-alike pops are perfect for your Emmy party!

At The Daily Meal, we are slightly obsessed with cake. We love it in all of its glorious and unique forms. And we love how cakes are helping entertainers throw the most fabulous events and are really opening up a whole new world of artistry.

Fabipop, a new custom cake pop shop, offers cake lovers the ability to really tailor a party to their liking. The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based shop can make a cake pop to look like anything — from beloved cartoons to favorite designer products. Party-goers and party hosts alike are turning to cake pops as a big bakery alternative, as these delectable treats help cut back on cost and waste. While Fabipop is not the first to make its mark in the new confectionary trend, they do offer customers a cool way to bring their party alive. After all, when you combine our love of cake with a glorious celebrity parody, you have completely stolen our hearts.

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With the Emmys around the corner (and the Oscars trailing not far behind), these bite-sized works of art are great for hosting a star-studded party. You could request an order of pops catered to the nominee roster for a delicious celebrity spread. If you’re throwing a soirée for a celeb-obsessed loved one, these miniature odes to the stars will really make your theme come alive.