What is Wahoo?

Find out more about this funny-named fish
What’s Wahoo?

Learn all about this seafood delicacy.

Wahoo isn’t just a thing to yell when extremely excited. It is actually a year-round fish that can be used in a multitude of dishes that is easy to prepare.

The Atlantic Wahoo is a long, blue steel colored fish that is cousin to the mackerel and found mostly near the surface of tropical and sub-tropical waters. In the U.S. they are predominantly wild-caught in a wide-ranging area that spans the Atlantic Ocean as far north as Massachusetts, all the way around Florida to Texas through the Gulf of Mexico. Roughly 10 percent of the US wahoo is fished from the Atlantic and the Gulf, the other 90 percent coming out of the Pacific waters.  They grow to be roughly eight feet long and can weigh nearly 160 pounds. Their short life span allows them to live up to five or six years in the Atlantic and nine years in the Pacific.

More important than the biology of wahoo is how it tastes! Wahoo’s meat is extremely lean and is described as “mild-tasting.” Despite being related to the mackerel, it has less red muscle meat than the mackerel. When it is cooked, its pink, fleshy meat will turn flaky and white.

Try wahoo in your own kitchen with this delicious Wahoo Fish Taco Recipe.


Tacos have been part of Mexico's culinary heritage for more than 100 years. These folded tortillas can be stuffed with any number of fillings — with each Mexican state claiming its stake to their own. Fish tacos are said to come from Baja California, Mexico's northernmost state. While the original fish taco was made with deep-fried fish, this recipe — made with sautéed fish — is a delicious and fresh version. This recipe is easily doubled, which makes it a great dish to make when entertaining a crowd.