What Should You Leave For Santa

Milk and cookies are great, but Santa needs a few other things for his big night

Doesn’t Santa deserve more than a plate of cookies?

When St. Nick shimmies down your chimney Christmas Eve, he expects to find certain things. He’ll look out for the stockings hung by the chimney with care. He’ll notice the twinkling tree lights and and the bowl of carrots left for his reindeer. And of course he will notice the welcoming plate of warm cookies and cold milk that were left as a token of gratitude. And believe us, he is absolutely thankful for those cookies, as they are a highlight of his otherwise too hectic evening. But if you really want to wow Santa try thinking outside the box.

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After all, how many cookies can poor Santa consume in one night? Sure there are tons of varieties, but after awhile they all start to blend together. If you really want to impress Santa this year, consider leaving him some of the other essentials he needs that people often forget about.

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For instance, ice cold milk is refreshing, but after being out in the snow all night long you may crave something a little warmer. A cup of hot cocoa ought to hit the spot for dear old Santa. To make his meal more rounded, consider leaving him Christmas Eve leftovers or even a quick sandwich. After all, the guy has a long night ahead of him- he needs sufficient fuel. In hopes of giving Santa an extra special treat (and maybe getting an extra present), we pulled together  a useful list of things Santa needs to have a great night!