What to Order at a Serbian Café

What to Order at a Serbian Café

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

If you are visiting a Serbian café, you’ve got to order ćevapčići.

Serbian cuisine may not always be at the top of a food lover’s bucket list, but there are still plenty of dishes to try that will easily win over your taste buds.

Though you may not be too familiar with Serbian food, should you ever find yourself at a Serbian café, here is a small list of the dishes you should try in your adventure with Serbian food.

Serbian grilled meat dishes have become the symbol of Serbian cuisine, and one of the best known meat dishes is called ćevapčići, which is minced beef rolled into finger-sized pieces on ice, grilled, and served with finely-chopped onion.

Another popular dish that you should order if you are dining at a Serbian café is pljeskavica, which is minced meat sprinkled with spices and grilled like beef steak.

When eating at a Serbian café, chances are you will come across all kinds of meat. Some of these meat dishes that you should order include sarma, or a stuffed cabbage, minced beef, and pork with rice enveloped in pickled cabbage or vine leaves; podvarak, roast meat in sauerkraut; and you have to try musaka, which is minced pork or beef that is mixed with eggs and potatoes and then baked.

Additionally, if you find yourself visiting a Serbian café, you should look to order pasulj, a dish of Serbian beans that is very popular with Serbian locals and can be prepared in many ways, like as pasulj soup. 

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