What to Order Off Fuds' Pretentious (and Fake) Menu

Comedians pull a prank at GoogaMooga, trick foodies with absurd items

The Fuds logo, on menus handed out at Googa Mooga.

If you're one of the brave souls who braved the crowds at GoogaMooga this weekend, you may have picked up a menu for a place called Fuds. And after perusing the menu, maybe you caught sight of some dishes you've never heard of: panty slaw, sh*tty chicken, a Bill Clinton sandwich, or a two-bean d*ckhead wrap. Still want to order?

Turns out, the hilarious Fuds menu is a prank, pulled by comedians Dan Klein, Kelly Hudson, and Arthur Meyer. The trio (who work at The Onion, College Humor, and Jimmy Fallon's show) told the Huffington Post that it started as simply emailing weird and joke food names back and forth to each other. Two years later — and a long list of joke dishes — they decided to put it in menu form. They hired a designer to make the menus, and then handed out 5,000 of them at Brooklyn's food festival (perfect timing).

The pranksters said they've received hilarious feedback from the menu, and who wouldn't be giggling? Some other notable menu items below — we're only a tiny bit sad this place doesn't exist in real life.

• Facebook Fries

• A bowl of Norman paste

• Secret item with surprise bag

• Dalmation Milkfat Arbor Day Ale

• Garnick mushed malonies