What Marilyn Hagerty Did in New York, Day 2 and 3

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She met Anderson Cooper and ate at Shake Shack
Marilyn Hagerty at Olive Garden Times Square

Marilyn Hagerty at Olive Garden Times Square

Today, it seems, is Marilyn Hagerty's last day in New York City, but yesterday was fairly crazy for the 85-year-old viral food critic.

Not only did she have an AP interview where they gave her samples of Asian cookies (she liked some orange ones, didn't care for the others), Hagerty also ate at "a most swanky restaurant," John DeLucie's Upper East Side joint Crown.

Afterward, there was some Anderson Cooper filming, and seeing "how the other half lives" by visiting Shake Shack. Hagerty got a regular hamburger and a cup of wine; her multimedia guy Ryan Babb got a Shack Stack.

Also on her itinerary was a walk through Times Square (with a stop at Olive Garden, of course), and passing a bowling alley advertising a live snake ("We didn't go in there," Hagerty says in her recap video.)

On the docket today was filming at Anderson Cooper's studio ("I'm going to try not to call him Cooper Anderson"), plus dinner at Le Bernardin (since we haven't heard anything about it). For kicks, here's Hagerty in Cooper's studio — two silver foxes together at last.