What Is Lasagna?

Layers and layers of irresistible goodness


It’s one of the ultimate one-pot meals — whether you’re cooking for a potluck or just the family dinner, it’s hard to go wrong with lasagna. Layers of vegetables, sauce, cheese, and sometimes meat, sandwiched between sheets of pasta, make for a dish that’s just as fun to eat as it is to make. Diet food this is not.

It’s pretty hard to mess up lasagna, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, if you’re using those fancy no-boil noodles, all bets are off. Results vary by brand, but for better results, don’t skimp on the sauce in each layer. Make sure there’s plenty of sauce and to cover every square inch. Otherwise, you’ll end up with cracker-crunchy spots and ends, and that just isn't enjoyable (not to mention, indigestible). Start with a layer of sauce on the bottom of the dish to keep the whole thing from sticking. (Photo courtesy of Stock.XCHNG/sunnybrain)

Use good cheese (read, whole milk) because really, if you’re going to make lasagna, you might as well go all the way. Just eat less of it. And the same goes for the meat — splurge a little and buy some really high quality meat. Veggies, if you decide to have any, should be fresh, not frozen. For a greater depth of flavor, brown the meat in a skillet first before building it into your masterpiece.

There’s not much else to it really. The sky (or perhaps, the height of your baking dish) is the limit, so let your imagination run wild.

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