This Is What Happens When 2 Guys Try to Eat the Entire Taco Bell Menu

Spoiler: There's vomit. Not for the queasy-stomached

Epic Meal Time may have the best crazy homemade calorie fests, but they've never gone and ordered the entire Taco Bell menu before. Or have they? Prove us wrong.

Anyway, OC Weekly brought to our attention these two California guys, competitive eaters who decided to take on the entire Taco Bell menu. The results cost $103.46, weighed 19 pounds, and took more than 20 minutes to consume. When ranking the joys of Taco Bell on a scale of 2 a.m. drunken fests to never again, we imagine this Taco Bell fest falls into the "never again" category.

While some of us here may be a bit queasy after watching this video, eater Damon Wells told OC Weekly writer Michelle Woo that "it's like killing a spider, scary but satisfying once it's over." The process of eating the entire menu, however, was probably not as satisfying. Where is Kobayashi when you need him? Watch below.