What Dreams Are Made Of

I have had the pleasure of dining at the East side's newest gem numerous times.  It is about time I got to business and told you all about it – that is if you haven't already heard the good news.  


To begin, Farmacy seems to be about bringing fantasy to life.  Every detail is carefully thought out.  As an artist and someone who is drawn to all things copper, let me be the first to tell you – they have copper stretched over their dining room tables.  It is beautiful.  The tiling is impeccable and deliberate.  They are pulling off a vintage western apothecary on a date with a Parisian cafe.  If you want to see and be seen in a comfortable yet complimentary environment, Farmacy is the place to go.  It has been buzzing with people everytime I have paid a visit.  


The menu is understated, each item paired down to its essential items.  Freshness, presentation, and simplicity reign on Farmacy's well-designed menu.  The tea and coffee menu is impressive and well executed.  Naturally, the presentation is ripe with warm southern hospitality, the nuances of one-of-a-kind nik naks with perfectly matching bell jars and french linens.  If you are hungry, I find that this is not always the place to go.  Although their sandwiches are delicious, the salad and appetizer menu leaves me wanting something... more.  The menu is light on produce-heavy goods, but when there are vegetables you can count on them being fresh and local.  Today I actually had the most positive dining experience yet.  I started off with an iced coffee (cold brewed) and ordered the lunch combo which was a sweet potato bisque and a rotisserie chicken with blue cheese whip and banana pepppers.  The sandwich was a treat, but the real prize is that soup – perfectly creamy and sweet.


If you are looking for a place to gather your thoughts or meet a few good friends I definitely recommend Farmacy.  The efforts that went into this establishment are clear and I am so happy to have yet another gorgeous dining option in my East Austin neightborhood.