What Do You Eat When No One Is Looking?

It's 3 a.m. and everyone's asleep, but you're up rummaging around the kitchen — what are you making? Everyone has a guilty pleasure or two when it comes to food, and whether or not we'd like to admit it, there are certain things that we would hesitate to enjoy in the public eye.

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You know what we're talking about — it's that unlikely combination of sweet and savory on one plate, the goopy bowl of mushy textures, or pretty much anything with a pickle that isn't a hamburger or a sandwich. It's the recipes that bring out our freakish side when it comes to cooking, the ones that make us blush when we whip them together.

The Cook editors at The Daily Meal can't get enough of these kinds of recipes, whether they evoke an initial reaction of disgust or if they're just an unlikely mix of ingredients, so we went out on a search to find the most ridiculous ones of all. Using the hashtag #foodfreak, we combed the social universe and asked people what they make when no one is looking. Some recipes seemed understandable and others were flat out mind-blowing, but no matter what the ingredients were, we loved hearing about all of the unique ways people are using food in the kitchen. 

However unusual these recipes may be, we're excited that people are experimenting in the kitchen and discovering new flavor combinations. We hope that rather than nauseate you, these recipes inspire you, and give you the courage to create something out-of-the-box — maybe even something you'll make when someone is looking.