What Do Reindeer Really Eat?

After literally traveling the world all evening long, Santa has had the opportunity to sample and see many a variety of cookie platters. By the time he arrives at your place, it is probably fair to say that he has sampled well over a million cookies. But what about his lovable companions? The ones who are pushing and flying all throughout the night, left alone on a cold roof while Santa fills up by the fire? The poor reindeer are often forgotten when it comes to Christmas Eve treats, or are given a bowl full of unappetizing carrots while Santa practically bathes in decadence.

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Not to put too much pressure on you, but the poor animals are bouncing around the globe to bring your little one the best Christmas they can. You owe it to them to not only give them  some stellar foods that they actually want. While we are sure if reindeer, or caribou, encountered any of the fruits or vegetables we assume they eat they wouldn't turn their nose up. But the luxury for such fine eats do not exist in the wild often. Their palettes are much more defined than by a boring old carrot.

Take for instance mushrooms. While reindeer certainly will not request them shiitak-style, they would totally appreciate them over celery as this is what they actually encounter in the wild. If you happen to live in an area where wide open spaces are available, it could be fun to organize a foraging trip with the kids to collect reindeer food. To help you find the perfect bites, we pulled together a list of some of the foods that they love to eat. Check out what they crave in the accompanying slideshow!