What Did Justin Bieber Get for His Birthday?

Ryan Seacrest gave him an adults-only present: a Costco membership

Justin Bieber

Oh hey, the Biebs is turning 18 today, and while he's been telling fans that he's just going to "hang out with my friends and family... nothing too crazy," Seacrest seems to have other plans.

The pop star called into Seacrest's radio show, and Seacrest pulled out his present with some fanfare. "I couldn't give it to you until you were 18," Seacrest told him, saying it would provide "endless fun and it only complements any type of relationship anybody is in."

So what did the now-legal Bieber get? "I've gotten you a Costco membership," Seacrest said. "I mean, think of the endless fun you can have with jugs of salsa and buckets of hummus."

Bieber, ever the gentleman, replied, "It's gonna be amazing I can't wait." It's probably not as awesome as his purple pool table, though, or the eco-friendly car he got on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And if you're in a giving mood, Bieber is promoting Charity Water again this year, asking fans to donate $18 for clean water.