What is Bastille Day and Why is It So Awesome?

The French know how to begin a revolution

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Vive la France!

In 1789, the people of France had had enough of the tyrannical rule of King Louis XVI and his indulgent wife Marie Antoinette. They stormed the prison of Bastille, an institution that represented the oppressive rule of the misguided royals. The people thought that by capturing the Bastille, they were taking over the old regime. Eventually Bastille Day came to be the same way the 4th of July did: out of the celebration of freedom from the monarchy.

It is sort of amazing how America’s and France’s celebrations of their respective independence days parallel each other. For one, both countries bleed red, white, and blue. We both love to celebrate with good food and drink, and we even end our day in an explosion of fireworks. While we will always have a soft spot in our hearts for flag cake and kitschy cocktails, there are a few reasons why Bastille Day celebrations are worth your time too:

Wine Reigns Supreme

Trade in your sugary cocktails for a refined glass of wine.


The Costumes Rock

Sure you could wear your red, white, and blue frock, but aren’t these costumes just the bee’s knees?

Bastille Day

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The Food

Uh, need we say more?

Bastille Day


The Fireworks Are Incredible
Not bad, eh?

Bastille Day

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