This Is What a Bacon-Covered Car Looks Like

It's driving around New York City today

Would you drive this bacon-wrapped car?

Yes, we admit, we have been known to bacon-wrap quite a few things in our editorial past, but a car? Hardly sounds delicious.

Nevertheless, Ford has dropped the "First Bacon-Wrapped Car" today, and thankfully, it's fake bacon painted onto a very real car. According to a press release, the car in question is the 2014 Ford Fiesta, launched to celebrate International Bacon Day on Aug. 31.

These bacon wraps can now be purchased by any bacon lover, with 10 giant strips of bacon wrapped around the Fiesta

"You can only imagine that a hillbilly from Tennessee is pretty happy to hear about a Ford wrapped in bacon," said Benton. "I expect there will be some real excitement among the young city crowd," Allan Benton, CEO of Benton's Country Hams. He also says that "This car just makes so much sense." But does it really, if you can't actually eat the bacon?

Other bacon options for the car lover: bacon racing strips, and sides of bacon over the rear wheel.

This isn't the first time a car has teamed up with food; most recently Kia Cadenza teamed up with OpenTable to let dinner guests at Michelin-starred restaurants test-drive their latest model. That was definitely a more classy partnership, but it seems like cars and food are starting a relationship.