Wendy's Beats Out Burger King And More News

The Daily Meal's Media Mix brings you the biggest news around the food world.

All Hail... Wendy's: Looks like the crown on Burger King's logo is a bit tarnished; Wendy's has become the number two fast-food burger chain in America, kicking BK into third place. [Slate]

Where We Buy Our Food: A new infographic (and research by Trace McMillan) digs into the country's grocery bills to determine the "food economy" in America. Notable facts from her study: Twenty-five percent of food purchases are made at Walmart; and if there is a grocery store in the neighborhood, vegetable and fruit intake increases by 32 percent. [GOOD]

Food Ads Work: Drooling over a McDonald's Big Mac ad? Turns out, according to one recent study, food advertising can change your taste perception. When participants looked at ads of high-calorie foods, they reported that the food they were eating (not necessarily the food they were looking at) tasted better. [HuffPo]

The Evolution of Food Trucks: Before taco, falafel, kimchi dogs, and Kogi trucks took over the U.S., Jonathan Gold reminds readers that the food truck was born in Los Angeles, nearly 80 years ago. [The Smithsonian]

Germany Seeks to Reduce Food Waste: To avoid 181 pounds of waste per German consumer each year, Germany has kicked off a program to educate about food expiration and "best by" dates. [Businessweek]