The Weirdest Flavored Vodkas Of 2012

If there's one drink theme that's been constant throughout the year, it's that 2012 was the year of weirdly flavored vodkas. While we learned that flavored vodkas are really nothing new — now centuries-old traditions of distilling vodka in Poland used grass, honey, spices, or roots to flavor vodka — this was the year of the most bizarre vodka flavors that we'd never, ever think should belong in a martini glass.

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The revival of flavored vodkas began back in the 1980s, with the introduction of Absolut Peppar, and ever since then, the flavors have just gotten weirder and weirder. Although citrus flavors seem to be the norm, the newest flavors to hit shelves have gone to an extreme: the confectionary sweet. A food research and consulting firm, Technomic, revealed that 2011's most popular flavors were citrus, raspberry, and whipped cream, and it seems the trends were no different in 2012.

And then there were the savory vodkas, which all began with the Bakon Vodka, a (surprisingly vegan) bacon-flavored vodka. (Presumably now to be used with bacon aftershave.) Bakon hit the market in 2009, and changed the game for flavored vodkas; now you can drink not just bacon, but basil, rhubarb, and more. And don't even get us started on the wasabi-flavored vodkas that were even topped by the "world's hottest vodka."

Now, we look back on what flavored vodkas changed the game for daring (is daring the right word?) vodka consumers in 2012. From the childhood classic of PB&J-flavored vodka, to the "electricity"-flavored vodka (whatever that means), we're stomaching a whole new level of weird at the liquor store. Cheers!