Weekly Recipe Review: Summer Squash, Potato & Tomato Gratin, Chinese Chicken Salad, and More...

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A weekly roundup of the best food section recipes around the world

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Check out our Editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes. 


The New York Times: Try this spiced-up corn off the cob for a heat-filled summer special. 


The Austin-American Statesman: Bacon fat and summer tomatoes make this Southern treat a real winner. 


The UK Guardian: Chef David Tanis offers some Middle Eastern-flavored dishes that are ideal for the end of the summer. 


The Washington Post: Use some fresh tomatoes and sweet peppers for this light and flavorful pasta recipe


The Miami Herald: Heat up the grill and try some of these Asian-inspired chicken skewers


The Times-Picayune: Satisfy your sweet tooth with some honey-almond crunch snacks. 


Denver Post: Need a side for your chicken/fish/meat dish? This recipe for leeks will provide the perfect side-kick. 


The Seattle Times: Try this chicken with white beans recipe for a complete meal that won't weigh you down. 


San Francisco Chronicle: Use some fresh summer produce for this California-style gratin


Los Angeles Times: Hunger doesn't stand a chance with this Chinese chicken salad.