Recipe Review: Slow-Cooked Bouillabaisse and More

A weekly roundup from the best food sections across the country

Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

NY Mag
• Make use of the colorful vegetable with this radicchio salad recipe from the Beagle.

LA Times
• Start with a basic green tahini sauce to spice up everyday meals.

NY Times
• André Soltner from the International Culinary Center shares his recipe for Tournedos Rossini.

SF Chronicle
• If you're tired of takeout, here is an awesome-sounding recipe for Cavalo Nero in Parmesan broth (or Buffalo chicken drumsticks, if that's more your thing).

• An easy-peasy pintxo, or small plates, from Spain: chorizo and manchego on a mini baguette slice.

Chicago Tribune
• Perfect vanilla pound cake that suppsoedly won't crack.

Seattle Times
• Make your own almond biscotti for better coffee breaks.

Washington Post
• This chives and chicken recipe will be a lifesaver one night.

Wall Street Journal
• San Francisco's Boulettes Larder spills their recipe for egg noodles with braised cabbage, bacon, and potatoes. Yum.

Portland Press Herald
Slow-cooked bouillabaisse couldn't be more perfect for winter nights.

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