Weekly Recipe Review: Melissa Clark's Grown-Up Brown Betty; Tangerine Ice; And More

Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

LA Times
Rich mocha cookies from Euro Pane are sure to be a hit at every party.

NY Times
• Do you live somewhere warm? This seasonal tangerine ice would be perfect.

• This Sri Lankan chicken curry recipe sounds amazing, with apple cider vinegar and lemongrass.

SF Chronicle
• Ginger, chicken, and wontons mesh in this cold weather soup recipe.

Chicago Tribune
• Serve 40 people salad with a classic red French dressing from Chicago's George Diamond steakhouse.

Seattle Times
• Melissa Clark pairs sour cherry and pear brown betties with a grown-up brandy hard sauce.

Portland Press Herald
• Join the homemade condiment trend with a beer and caraway mustard

Kitchen Daily
• A warm berry compote pairs perfectly with polenta for a morning treat.

Washington Post
• Here's an interesting dish: barley risotto cooked with turnips and flavored with miso.

Wall Street Journal
• Miami chef Michael Schwartz shares his recipe for roasted vegetables and goat cheese.

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