Weekly Recipe Review: Martha Stewart's Pear Crostatas; Tasty Ways to Eat Brown Rice; and More

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A weekly roundup of the best food section recipes across the country

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Check out our Editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

Try this recipe for concord grape sorbet from Otto.

LA Times
Mix up your mealtime with some Latin-flavored pork in pulque sauce.

N.Y. Times
Make something healthy and delicious by trying these four tasty ways to use brown rice.

Boar meat is trending now, and this boar ragu with papardelle recipe may just turn you into a fan.

S.F. Chronicle
Celebrate the revamped Martha's Entertaining with Martha Stewart's recipe for pear crostatas.

Chicago Tribune
Start your day with perfect breakfast egg sandwiches.

Washington Post
This 35-minute recipe for chestnut, rice, and pancetta soup looks like it took hours.

Portland Press Herald
Utilize all those apples from apple-picking in a festive apple gingerbread cake.

Kitchen Daily
This quick bread roll recipe only needs 30 minutes to rise.

Seattle Times
Shorter days and colder winds set the scene for an easy beef and vegetable stew.

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