Weekly Recipe Review: Holiday Cookies, Venison Ragu, Homemade Tamales and More...

A weekly roundup of the best food section recipes around the country.

With only a few weeks left in the 2010 holiday season, the nation’s food sections are keeping the spirit alive. Check out our Editors’ picks for this week’s top recipes (with some non-holiday recipes thrown in).


The New York Times: From cookie recipes submitted by Times readers, this rich chocolate one was a staff favorite.

The Seattle Times: A holiday baked ham recipe with a sweet and zesty kick.

The Chicago Tribune: Simple, salt-flecked and crispy potatoes are the perfect side dish for holiday dinners -- try making them with duck fat for an even richer taste.

The Los Angeles Times: Throw away your old apple pie recipes because the secret to the best pie has been discovered.

The Washington Post: These tomato and Cheddar soup shooters make a great appetizer for a holiday party and come with bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Boston Globe: A colorful twist on traditional artichoke dip with feta and pimiento that’s good hot or cold.

The Guardian UK: Venison is making a world-wide comeback in this linguine recipe with rosemary and tomatoes.

The Houston Chronicle: Tired of holiday roasts and sugar cookies? Try this homemade tamale recipe with seasoned, browned pork and a spicy chile sauce.

The San Francisco Chronicle: Tarragon, parsley and and lemon juice give this spaghetti with manilla clams a bright, invigorating sauce -- the butter also doesn’t hurt.


The Oregonian: This recipe for a butterflied and stuffed pork loin will make a beautiful holiday centerpiece and even more so when sliced open.