Weekly Recipe Review: Cali Crab Season, Creative Turkey Leftover Dishes And More...

Check out our Editors' picks for this week's top recipes.

The New York Times: Flo Fab's version of spaghetti alla carbonara with sausage also comes with a wine pairing.

Looking for something lighter after that Thanksgiving feast? Try this fresh herb salad from The Los Angeles Times.

The Seattle Times: Four hot chocolate recipes for the cold winter ahead. Here's a hint: one of them contains Nutella.

The Washington Post: One of the more creative ways to use leftover turkey: on a caramelized onion and apple pizza.

The Culinary Institute of America: Add fried squid, calamari and anchovies to your Hanukkah menu this year.

The London Telegraph makes the most of this season's pomegranates in this slow-cooked lamb shoulder dish.

The San Francisco Chronicle: Usher in the beginning of California's crab season with roast garlic crab.

The Wall Street Journal: LA chef, Suzanne Goin, makes a seasonal roasted grapes with grilled taleggio and walnut sandwich.

The Boston Globe: A simple, roasted tomato salsa that's perfect for watching Sunday football games.

The Oregonian: Learn how to move beyond sandwiches for this year's Thanskgiving leftovers.