Weekly Media Mix: Meth Cheese Sauce; Reusable Bag Backlash; And The Cantaloupe Crisis Ends

The Daily Byte's Weekly Media Mix rounds up the week's big food stories.

• Coke moved its secret formula, released a photo of the move, and got a lot of press buzz because we all love secrets. [USA Today]

• London, home to tea sandwiches, fish and chips, and nothing else, now has its own pop-up brunch place. [Jaunted]

Shame of the Week
• Federal agents arrested a man for trying to smuggle 7 pounds of meth inside two cans of cheese sauce and one can of jalapeños. [LA Times]

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick threw an unruly patron out of a bar in New York City's West Village. Apparently, "Ed lifted him up by the collar and dragged him out," then went back to his friends like nothing happened. Swoon. Now, where's that video? [NY Post]

• Sprouts are having an unusually good year, with most weighing 25 grams instead of the normal 20 grams. [Telegraph]

• One woman collected 1,900 unused reusable bags in Los Angeles this month, showing that the reusable bag trend isn't really working. [NY Mag]

• Given recent evidence, the CDC claims that the canteloupe listeria scare is over. Fruit salad, anyone? [CDC]

• In California, a medical marijuana dispensary is giving out one free joint for every six cans of donated food to feed the hungry. [ABC]

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