Weekly Media Mix: Beer With Breakfast; Rainn Wilson Disses McDonald's; and a 97-Year-Old Barmaid

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Some of the week's biggest food and drink stories
Weekly Media Mix: Beer With Breakfast; Rainn Wilson Disses McDonald's; and a 97-Year-Old Barmaid
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Byte's Weekly Media Mix rounds up the week's big food stories.

• As a reminder that beer is as nutritious as bread, here's a beer-breakfast pairing guide to start off your weekend. [WSJ]

• Doritos, and other processed chips, could be an alternative fuel. [Grist]

• Starbucks opened their expanded Times Square location today. The redesigned LEED-certified store includes a social media video wall and a photo booth. [Eater]
• Eataly's much-hyped expansion to D.C. is not happening. [The Daily Meal]

• Rainn Wilson responded to McDonald's tweet, "How is everyone doing today?" with, "Fighting diabetes from obesity." Mickey D's then suggested some oatmeal to "turn that frown upside down." [Rainn Wilson/Twitter]

Shame of the Week
• A robber broke into a restaurant, damaged the register, then poured himself a soda and microwaved chicken tenders and fries. [Chicago Trib]
• In a Pennsylvania Walmart, a man ate raw meat off the shelves of a Pennsylvania Walmart. [The Sentinel]

• How hard is it to be a food critic? Robert Sietsema calculates 40 plus hours of eating and at least 1,200 words a week. [Village Voice]

Beef of the Week
• A 290-pound man sued White Castle because they didn't make their booths bigger as they said they would. [Fox]

• London's Pied à Terre has appointed an artist-in-residence. [WSJ]

• Wylie Dufresne of wd~50 cabs around town in Vice's new Munchies video. [VICE]

• You are now allowed to drink booze in the movie theater (or at least in New York). [NYT]

The Sun claims Dolly Saville, at 97, is the oldest barmaid in the world. She's pulled two million pints during her 71-year career. [The Sun]

• Hungry fans order 2,500 jambalayas and 1,100 po' boy sandwiches at every Saints game, and more food numbers at NFL games. [Daily Beast]

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