Weekly Media Mix: Dog Meat Mix-Ups; Conan Takes Over A Pizza Joint; And More Meat Dresses

The Daily Byte's Weekly Media Mix rounds up the week's big food stories.

• Maya Angelou speaks about her latest cookbook. "I know some people might think it odd — unworthy even — for me to have written a cookbook, but I make no apologies," she says. [Guardian]

• Research suggests fatty foods are as addictive as cocaine. Haven't we heard this before? [Bloomberg]

• Taking a cue from Gaga's meat dress, a Berlin museum exhibit features 50 photographs of food clothes from a Michelin-starred chef. [Japan Today]

• A chocolate-themed race is taking place tomorrow in Chicago, complete with a chocolate fondue post-race party. Similar races will take place in D.C., Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, and Denver. [Hot Chocolate 15K/5K]

Beef of the Week
• A Chinatown meat market in New York was raided after a reporter thought it sold dog meat to eat. Instead, there was just a confusion between the words "dog" and "duck." [NY Post]

• Solo diners are leaving behind their books and instead entertaining themselves with smartphones and iPads. [Washington Post]

• Make a nifty necklace by shrinking all your potato chip bags. Because, why not? [Guardian]

• In addition to delivering Chinese food while in New York City, comedian Conan O'Brien also takes over a pizzeria. He complains about Los Angeles pizza, sings "That's Amore," and offers pizza on the house without permission.

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