Weekly Media Mix: "Good" Light Roast Coffee; Bad Economy Food; And More Schweddy Balls Drama

The Daily Byte's Weekly Media Mix rounds up the week's big food stories.

• José Andrés is seriously considering opening Bazaar in the capital. [Washington Post]

• Some Texas prisons have stopped serving lunch on weekends to inmates. Ending extravagant "last meal" requests we understand. This? Not so much. [NYT]

• Why potatoes became so unpopular: They hung out with the wrong crowd and didn't pay for good PR. [BBC]

• When the economy goes down, Americans buy more doughnuts, fast food, chocolate, and vegetable seeds. [TIME]

Shame of the Week
• A Florida man passed out drunk in a Taco Bell drive-thru and tried to use his taco as identification. [Miami News Times]

• Some supermarkets are refusing to sell Ben & Jerry's new "Schweddy Balls" flavor. They won't spill if it's because of One Million Moms, but B&J's says "Schweddy Balls" is doing just fine (it's their most popular limited-edition flavor yet). [Chicago Trib]

Starbucks might be onto something: T Magazine defends a good, juice-like light roast. [T Magazine]

• Make crochet jackets for your apples. You know you want to. [Guardian]

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