A Weekend of ‘Bingeing’

What to watch on Netflix and what to eat while you do it

Waste your weekend away with these fabulous shows (it is totally worth it).

The holiday rush has finally come to a close. And if you’re living in a wintry area of the country, your world may have been covered in a blanket of white or be so cold that going outside is painful. In short, it is time to relax, kick your feet up, and indulge in a little "you time." The latest (and arguably best) way to do this? Going on a little binge session.

Now, we don’t mean any unsavory bingeing — but instead some quality TV bingeing, which was determined as the "new norm" in a recent study funded by the streaming company Netflix. The study suggests that most users prefer to watch the shows they are into with someone who is equally interested in the show and even reveals that some people are getting exercise routines in while they binge-watch.

But for those of us who are frankly looking forward to a little R & R-style bingeing, we are ready to curl up on the couch and enjoy a few good flicks — especially while we eat appropriately proportioned and complementary bites.

To inspire you for your lazy weekend, we came up with a few perfectly paired shows and snacks so you can enjoy a great weekend of good TV.

'House of Cards'
With the second season quickly approaching, this Netflix Original is an addictive political thriller that will make your jaw drop farther with each episode. Kevin Spacey plays Congressman Frank Underwood, a ruthless politician with his own scary agenda, and will have you wrapped around his greedy finger with the first episode.

Enjoy With: Since the main character plays a proud Southern boy, it is only fair that you pour yourself a befitting drink. Try a sipping on the Southern Congressman, an interesting take on a whiskey sour.

'Orange Is the New Black'
Another Netflix Original, this emotional prison drama hooks you right from the beginning with drama, sex, and a little awkward comedy. Based on the novel and true-life story of Piper Kerman, this show follows her experiences while she was locked up in a women’s prison for laundering drug money. With the first episode you’ll be hooked for the majority of the weekend.

Enjoy With: Since you clearly do not want to eat a prison-style meal, enjoy something a little more decadent. Try paying homage to the name with these Chocolate Orange Pastries

Complete Series

If you are looking to seriously invest a weekend in binge-watching, try going for a show that has reached its series finale. Netflix has a ton of options, from The Office to Breaking Bad to Bob’s Burgers, all of which make for addictive binge-worthy sessions.


Enjoy With: Do yourself a favor and don’t overdo it with the food like you are about to eat while watching TV. Snack on light bites like cut vegetables and hummus or make yourself a small cheese plate so you don’t graze too much while you watch.